Occupational risk assessment solution

Manage and optimize the management of your  EHS processes in an online solution and mobile app. Create a better working environment for your employees and contribute to the reduction of occupational accidents and diseases in your company.

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Our Dyo application is based on ISO standards and allows you to improve the management of your security systems and track all your objectives and indicators.

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Dyo centralizes and organizes your feedback in a single solution. Eliminate superfluous files and tools, optimize your safety management on our dedicated solution for you.

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In real time

Our Dyo mobile app optimizes your field reports. Declare your  EHS events and EHS inspections live in the field. Do it on the mobile app, with or without internet connection.

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A collaborative tool to simplify your safety procedures and meet the normative requirements related to the health and safety of your employees. Give them easy access to documents and information for more efficient work.

The features of our solution to ensure
the safety and health of your employees

Discover the different features
Recording your occupational hazards

Integrate your risks and identify them using pre-configured lists: risk families, difficulty criteria, etc. It is also possible to assign the corresponding items to the risks.

Action plan management

Dyo allows you to manage the action plan related to the Risk assessment document and the implementation of operational controls. These actions are included in the general action plan.

Create or import zones and work phases

Structure your organization using a tree diagram with folders for workspaces, threads, work phases, etc. This breakdown structures the organization.

Generating or editing a risk assessment PDF document

The Risk assessment document can be generated in PDF format for different possible views (Risk assessment document of risks by area, by work phase, by damage, etc.).

Assessing occupational risks

The initial risk assessment is done directly on Dyo. In each work phase, you must indicate the qualification criteria and thresholds that you have previously configured.

Preventive measures monitoring

There is a means of prevention tab to safeguard existing means of prevention and to monitor the progress of planned operational controls .

Chemicals Inventory

The product sheet includes the identification of the name, manufacturer and retailer. The class of use is filled in thanks to a pre-configured INRS database.

Generation of the "chemical" sheets in PDF

Automatically generate your product sheets in PDF format with your logo, the pictograms associated with the danger, the protection of the employees and the environment.

Hazards assignment

Thanks to a pre-parameterized INRS database, simply select the risk phrases and safety advice.

Records history

A history of the sheets and their marking guarantees complete traceability of the chemicals and their use.

Recording of consumption at the station

Declare your consumption at each workstation and for each activity. An automatic interface with the "Risk assessment Document" solution  guarantees that the chemical product is taken into account.

Validation of chemicals by electronic validation circuit (workflow)

An electronic validation circuit, such as a workflow, is used to validate the integration and modifications linked to the use of the chemical product.

Safety event reporting

Report live on themobile app connected or not. Reports include different types of events such as accidents with or without lost time, minor accidents, near misses and incidents.

Processing of corrective actions

The " Processing actions " functionality centralizes all the actions integrated in the different events. You can also manage the rights of your action drivers.

Recording your correction actions

A record of the correction actions guarantees the immediate treatment of the event. To ensure the traceability of this declaration, you can import all your data.

Viewing event statistics

The internal statistics generation engine provides, for reporting purposes, a database of standard statistics that can be used to set up security dashboards.

Analysis of events

Determining the associated hazards and causes allows the generation of safety statistics with the updating of an "accidentology" criterion in the Risk Assessment Document and the Occupational Health Assessment.

PDF report generation

When reporting and analyzing, the accident or event report is generated in PDF format to facilitate communication.

Plan visits

Plan your tests in emergency situations by entering the process of the test, the type of test, the dates of the test, the designation of the persons informed of the test and the sector.

Recording the test in an emergency situation

Record your test reports on Dyo and fill in the conditions of the test. Determine the main malfunctions encountered, as well as your corrective actions.

Recording the test in an emergency situation

Record your test reports on Dyo and fill in the conditions of the test. Determine the main malfunctions encountered, as well as your corrective actions.

Create safety inspections forms

Create, name and compose your visit templates by type, by activity and by sector thanks to the choice of different types of blocks (questions, multi-choice questions, checkboxes, etc.)

Safety inspections summary

Model and visualize in real time the statistics resulting from the visits (filtering by sector, by period, by activity, etc.).

Planning of safety inspections

Plan your security visits by entering the sector visited, the dates of the visits and the names of the visitors and the visited. View the schedule of your visits in real time.

PDF report generation

During the filling of the form, the security visit report is generated in PDF format in order to facilitate its communication.

Production of the safety inspection report

Integrate the " processing actions " associated with the execution of inspections. Thanks to rights management for each Owner, centralize all your processing actions.

Preventive measures monitoring

A " prevention means " tab allows you to record the existing prevention means and to follow the progress of the planned operational controls.

Create preventions plans

Formalize and monitor the validity of regulatory documents related to safety: safety protocol, prevention plan, fire permit, confined space access permit.

Management of exchanges with your suppliers and subcontractors

The "exchange and exchange history" feature gives you the possibility tosend directly to your partners the PDF document through the Dyo solution.

Follow-up of your prevention plans

For each of your documents (Fire Permit / Transport Protocol / Particular Security Plan), indicate the service provider or subcontractor associated with the document.

Electronic signature

The " Electronic Signature " feature allows you to send prevention plans directly from the Dyo solution and receive the signature Universign signature of the collaborating companies.


Facilitate your risk assesment

Revolutionize your occupational health and safety management system: Automation of your management, centralization of your field reports, your documents and your data, and mobility provided by our mobile application. Contact us now to carry out your free online demo whenever you want.

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some questions

Frequently asked questions

How do you use the solution? saas or license?

We market our solution in 2 ways:

SaaS mode (full web): you use the solution via the web and the data is hosted on our servers (IS HDS iso 27001 certified).

On-Promise mode: acquisition of licences with installation on your servers and the data is hosted on your servers.

Can we change the language of the safety solution ?

Yes, our solution is translated into 7 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch).

Is there any support for the Safety solution?

Yes, our prices include the support and maintenance of our solution. You will also benefit from a chatbot to exchange, retrieve information and get technical support.

Is Safety features available on the Dyo mobile app?

Yes, the mobile app is available on the Playstore or App Store works in both online and offline mode for features : HSE visits/rounds and HSE events.

 Is it possible to set up an interface between the Safety solution and other softwares?

Yes, we have APIs that will allow our solution to be interconnected with any third party software in order to automate the exchange of information and avoid double data entry.

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