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Manage your organisation's skills and training, as well as your employees' awareness, on our online application. Dyo allows you to automate and simplify your human resources management.

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Based on the various ISO standards, Dyo allows you to optimize your human resources management and to monitor all the objectives set for your employees.

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A digital solution that harmonizes and centralizes your HR data in a single tool. No more multiple files and tools, facilitate your human resources management with our dedicated solution.

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Dyo's Human Resources solution ensures efficient management of all your HR tasks. You can create employee files, authorization cards, integrate employees and manage the follow-up of your employees.

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Dyo is a collaborative solution to optimize your human resources management and to comply with the regulations in force that place employees at the core of companies.

The features of our solution for managing skills and training

Discover the different features

Employees register


With this feature, record information related to the employee's contract: the type of contract and its start date, the weekly hours, the person attached, etc.

Skills and experience

Over the course of an employee's working life, his or her skills and experience will evolve .

Generate the integration form

The employee's professional life (skills, training, job interviews, absences) is also gathered in this feature.


Job assessment

Integrating the employee

Perform the job assessment directly on Dyo by selecting the employee and the job. The assessment can be done from a tablet or a smartphone.


An evaluation grid, which can be configured according to your wishes, allows you to assign a confidence index according to the aptitude result.

Skills management

Following the job evaluation, update the employee's skills. The employee's master record and the versatility matrix will be updated automatically .


Skills and versatility

Skills register

The register allows you to identify your skills related to processes, services and impacts. Associate the validity period with it in order to receive an update notification.

Skills assignment

Qualifications are assigned directly to employees. You can thus find the information and skills specific to each employee as well as the validity date of these qualifications.


This feature shows the multiskilling rate of all the skills present in the company with a comparison between the desired and actual staffing levels by process and by department.



Planning and identification of the training

Record the information related to the training: the location of the training, the date, the employees involved, the process, the type, the duration... A schedule will be automatically updated.

Cost monitoring

This feature allows you to record training costs by title, budget and actual costs.

Needs register

Add a training need per site and per process with the information of the requesting employee as well as the desired deadline. These different requests are collected in the training needs register.


Professional interviews


To conduct your interviews online, the fields are automatically filled in when you choose the employee to be evaluated.

Training needs

The employee will be able to make a request for one or more training courses during theprofessional interview, which will update the register of training needs.

Review of the past period

Fill in the various strengths of the employee during the past year as well as the difficulties encountered.


The notion of "arduousness" allows for the adjustment of exposure rates in the employee's file.

Training review since the last interview

This feature allows you to notify if there has been a progression on the part of the employee following a completed training. The employee's comments can be added live.


At the end of theprofessional interview, the employee and his/her manager inform about the short, medium and long term perspectives .


Medical visits

Medical visits frequency

For the first medical check-up, you can directly set up a specific medical check-up frequency for each employee.

Skills and Ability

After the medical check-up, indicate on Dyo whether the employee is still fit to work according to his or her skills.

Updating the employee's record

Following the medical examination and depending on the result of the aptitude test, the employee's record is automatically updated.


Simplify your skills and training management!

Maximize your human resources management: Automate your skills tracking, centralize your employees' data with an online application.Contact us to book a demo and discover Dyo for free.

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some questions

Frequently asked questions

Is the human resources application available in saas or license mode?

We commercialize our solution in 2 ways:
- SaaS mode (full web): you useApp via the web and the data is hosted on our servers (IS HDS iso 27001 certified).
- On-Promise mode: purchase of licences with installation on your servers and the data is hosted on your servers.

Is the application available in several languages?

Yes, to date our solution has been translated into 7 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch).

Is support included in the purchase of the application?

Yes, our prices include support and maintenance of our solution. You will also benefit from a Chatbot to exchange, retrieve information and get technical support.

Can we interface with other softwares?

Yes, we have APIs that will allow us to interconnect our solution to any third party software in order to automate the exchange of information and avoid double data entry.

Is the solution Human Resources training online?

Yes, thanks to our online training platform Symacademy, you can also carry out personalized training with one of our integrators (budget on request)

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