Environment and energy systems solution

Ensure the compliance and performance of your environmental and energy management systems. Our Environment solution is essential for determining and achieving your overall objectives.

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Based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, our Dyo software allows you to manage your environmental management system, while respecting the regulations in force.

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A digital solution that centralizes your environmental risk analysis in a single tool. No more multiple files, manage your management systems EHSQ on our Dyo solution dedicated to your business.

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Assessing your environmental context with a single online tool, enabling you to optimize the performance of your environmental management system.

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An solution that promotes collaboration, simplifies your environmental procedures and meets the ISO 14001 standard. Your employees will have easy access to environmental documents and information to help you achieve your goals.

The features of our environmental solution

Discover the different features

Impacts and hazards

Recording your impacts

Integrate your impacts and aspects from an environmental point of view. It is also possible to assign the corresponding items to the risks and to integrate all your files.

Managing your action plan

Dyo allows you to manage the action plan related to the environmental assessment and the implementation of operational controls. These actions are included in the general action plan.

Create or import your activities or sub-activities

Structure your organization using a tree diagram with folders for workspaces, threads, activities, etc.

Generating or editing a PDF document

The environmental analysis can be generated in PDF format for different possible views (impact assessment by activity, sub-activity, damage, etc.).

Assessing your environmental impacts

The initial assessment of the impacts is done directly on Dyo. In each activity, you must indicate the qualification criteria and thresholds you have previously configured.

Preventive measures monitoring

There is a means of prevention tab to safeguard existing means of prevention and to monitor the progress of planned operational controls.


Chemical hazards

Chemicals Inventory

The product data sheet includes information on the name, manufacturer and retailer, as well as the class of use, which can be obtained from a pre-parameterized INRS database.

Generation of the "chemical" sheets in PDF

You can easily generate chemical data sheets in PDF format with your logo, hazard pictograms and protective measures for workers and the environment.

Hazards assignment

Using the INRS pre-parameterized database, you can simply select the risk phrases and precautionary statements for each product.

Records history

The history and indexing of chemical product sheets enables complete traceability of chemical products and their use.

Recording of consumption at the station

By declaring the consumption of each chemical at each workstation and for each activity, you can ensure that every use is accounted for. What's more, automatic interfacing with solution "Document Unique" ensures better chemical management.

Validation of chemicals by electronic validation circuit (workflow)

Using an electronic validation circuit, you can validate the integration and modifications linked to the use of each chemical product. This workflow ensures optimum validation of each product.


Testing in emergency situations

Plan visits

To plan emergency tests, it is important to specify the associated process, the type of test, the dates when it will be carried out, the people who will be informed of the procedure, and the sector concerned.

Recording the test in an emergency situation

After performing the tests, record the reports on Dyo , specifying the conditions under which they were performed. Identify any major malfunctions and describe the corrective measures taken.

PDF report generation

The information form can be used to generate a PDF report of the test in an emergency situation, to facilitate communication.


Waste management

Record your company's waste discharges and analyse the costs of waste treatment. Our Dyo solution helps you manage your waste through an intuitive and powerful solution. Find an app that will automate your daily tasks, to be more efficient and comply with regulations.


Accidents and incidents

Report environmental events

The environmental event reporting forms cover various types of incident, such as accidents with or without lost time, minor incidents and near misses.

Processing of corrective actions

The"Corrective actions" feature centralizes all actions taken in response to events, and allows you to manage stakeholder authorizations.

Recording your correction actions

Recording corrective actions ensures that events are dealt with quickly, and guarantees traceability. Data can be imported for better management.

Viewing event statistics

The internal statistics engine provides a standard statistics base for generating customized environmental reports.

Analysis of events

Follow-up of the environmental action plan is integrated into theanalysis of events to prevent their recurrence.

PDF report generation

Incident and event reports are generated in PDF format for easy communication during reporting and analysis.


Optimize your environmental management

Ensure the performance of your environmental and energy management system : Automate your emergency tests, centralize your chemical data sheets with an online tool. Contact us now to book your free online demo.

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some questions

Frequently asked questions

How to buy the environment solution?

We commercialize our solution in 2 ways:
- SaaS mode (full web): you useApp via the web and the data is hosted on our servers (IS HDS iso 27001 certified).
- On-Promise mode: purchase of licences with installation on your servers and the data is hosted on your servers.

Does solution Environment exist in several languages?

Yes, today our solution is translated into 7 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch).

Is the support included in the subscription?

Yes, our prices include the support and maintenance of our solution. You will also benefit from a chatbot to exchange, retrieve information and get technical support.

Is it possible to interconnect with other softwares?

Yes, we have APIs that will allow us to interconnect our solution to any third party software in order to automate the exchange of information and avoid double data entry.

How is the training carried out?

We have two offerings: our Symacademy online training platform, or customized training courses run by one of Symalean's integrators (budget on request).

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