Corporate Social Responsibility

For several years, Symalean has decided to place sustainable development
at the core of the organization's DNA.

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The 3 pillars and 15 commitments of our CSR approach

Symalean's existence is based on its usefulness to all its stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers in the different territories where it operates. Constant communication and interaction with all these stakeholders feeds and strengthens our CSR policy, challenges our innovation policy and allows Symalean to respond to the best interests of each of them.

Our social responsibility

Fostering the development and commitment of our employees

Our societal responsibility

Increase the number of societal actions that Symalean holds

Our environmental responsibility

Accelerating the energy and ecological transformation

Our social commitments

The social concerns accelerated by the pandemic context and the weakening of social ties must be taken into account by all professional organizations.

Symalean is committed, through 5 ongoing commitments, to fighting, within its organization, against inequalities, the precariousness of employees and all the psychosocial risks that can be generated by our activities.

Through its commitments, Symalean confirms that the employees who constitute the company are the priority of our actions.

Promoting gender equality within the organization
Promoting the well-being of employees
Ensuring the health and safety of employees
Encourage permanent contracts in order to reduce the precariousness of employees
Building employees' career paths based on training and skills acquisition

Rate of permanent employment for permanent employees


Rate of employees under 26 years old


Rate of apprenticeship students recruited on permanent contracts at the end of the course 2020-2021


Health and safety incident rate 2020-2021


Percentage of women in the group's workforce

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Our commitments

Thanks to its presence in 4 countries on 2 different continents and its solution implemented in 62 countries around the world, Symalean is a legitimate vector to promote social cohesion and local development.

Considered as one of the organization's missions, Symalean focuses its approach on 4 major commitments aiming to promote our place in our ecosystem.

Raise awareness and promote the CSR approach among all our stakeholders
Encourage the circular economy system related to our activity
Develop the local economy through a purchasing policy that promotes short circuits and by enriching local partners
Fighting corruption and upholding human rights throughout our supply chain

Rate of suppliers located in the Pays de la Loire region


Number of local projects supported in 2020 - 2021

Our ISO certifications

Our environmental commitments

Preserving the environment and biodiversity is Symalean's main purpose.

More than corrective actions, Symalean aims to become a real driving force in raising awareness and supporting its stakeholders on issues such as the emerging climate emergency or environmental issues in general.

Implement a purchasing policy for equipment and services that includes CSR criteria
Promote the use of digital tools in order to reduce the environmental impact of employee travel
Encourage the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation possible for business travel.
Fully offset our carbon activity and that generated by the use of our services by 2025.

Increase the number of societal actions that Symalean holds


Accelerating the energy and ecological transformation


Months of oxygen generated

23 500

Number of kilometres saved thanks to digital

Our latest CSR actions

Reforestation actions in Peru

Partnership with local producers for healthy employee nutrition

Sponsorship of hives with local beekeepers

Support for English language upgrading of employees

CSRawareness day for employees

Formalization of the telecommuting policy for the group's employees