Gary Angebert, Director of Performance Improvement at the HProcess Group, gives us his experience with Symalean.

HProcess Group

HPROCESS is a holding company for several well-known industrial companies: GOAVECEngineering, ETA, SVX (SERVINOX), PROCESS MIXING SOLUTIONS (PMS) and GEPS SERVICES.

This all-French industrial group aims to strengthen and develop each entity as an ethical, reliable and sustainable partner in its field of expertise.

Each entity remains an autonomous entity, benefiting from an experienced sales team, research and development capabilities and production facilities specialized in its core field.

The Group is committed to developing ethical and environmentally-friendly solutions, as part of a solid and coherent sustainable development (CSR) policy.

Servinox and PMS

In its early days, Servinox specialized in the manufacture of valves and fittings for the brewing industry, but soon expanded its offering to include process and tank protection equipment. In the early 80s, the brewing and beverage sector accounted for 80% of sales, but the company then diversified into all areas of the food industry. In the 90's, Servinox took a new turn by conquering the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries, and was acquired by the Triballat group in 1993, followed by the SPLG group in 2006.

As for PMS, since it was founded in the 80s by an expert in mixing and agitation issues, PMS has rapidly built up a solid reputation in this field, where technical expertise and experience are essential.

During the 90s, PMS's capacity for innovation in agitation and the expertise of its teams were recognized and acclaimed by articles published in leading journals specializing in mixing and engineering techniques. In 2000, the company was acquired by the Triballat group, then in 2006 by the SPLG group.

What was the purpose of purchasing EHSQ software?

Two years ago, I was looking for a simple, fluid collaborative tool, so I asked for an online demo on the site.

As Quality Manager at the time, I was looking to optimize the management of a management system, and address a number of issues. We had data available from various sources (ERP, Intranet, spreadsheets, various products). To sum up, we had a robust management system, but one that was difficult to manage effectively with all the players involved, including the process drivers.

So I'm looking for a tool that's collaborative, easy to use, that's also structured with regard to normative requirements, and that allows us to gather and exploit information from different databases.

‍WhyDyo by Symalean?

Compared to what I mentioned earlier, the solution pilot really seemed to live up to all its promises during the demonstration.

However, one point that was really important to us was that we wouldn't consider a solution that couldn't interface with our other software in France. So, over and above the Symalean solution, the training, support and assistance offered were seen as a guarantee of successful deployment. Beyond that, the competitive pricing was also a determining factor in assessing the return on investment.

What improvements have you seen within your company?

First of all, better feedback to non-conformity management, action plans and risk management.

We also observed that we had gained in responsiveness thanks to the collaborative system, with the centralization of information, the distribution of emails and automatic notifications, particularly internally, and the automation of our management process reviews. This was followed by a significant improvement in the monitoring of action plans, as well as greater involvement of process managers and their teams. The structure of the solution really enables them to identify how their actions contribute to achieving the company's strategic objectives. That's what was really interesting.

Which just goes to show that digitalization really has its place at EHSQ.

What are the next steps in the digitalization of Servinox and PMS?

Servinox and PMS are continuing to transform their management systems, with the integration of further modules to manage all quality, safety and environmental issues. Servinox and PMS are part of the HProcess Group, which today groups together five industrial companies, and the next objective is to deploy Symalean in the other companies of the group, to achieve our habits of global performance improvement and also QSE and RSE certification.

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